By Aare Amerijoye DOT.B.

Ekiti State

Tongues are wagging about the chances of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar; the candidate of our great Party; the Peoples Democratic Party; in the South West.

As a school of thought nurses the contemplation that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu; the All Progressive Congress Candidate; with his moniker of ” Emi Lokan”, being hinged on “Yoruba Lokan” has sealed the region for himself.

Unfavourable to this, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will have an impressive outing in the southwest. Those who choose to entertain themselves with the salubrious of this a la carte belief in “emi’lokan” will soon have the verity dawning on them.Well, the issue of ethnic emotions and the principle of the rotational presidency, might weigh considerable positivities in the court of the Nigerian people, which indisputably favours North East and South East, but the people of Nigeria will never pretend about the need for a well-groomed and sensible leadership, in the country, capable of leapfrogging Nigeria to prosperity.As Nigeria appears, to have come, to be a remorselessly unhappy place, like arid land where flowers do not grow. In the last few years of the All Progressive Congress ruling, she has been trimmed of good news, especially as concerns human development records, emanating from the United Nations agencies.

We are well-known only in the company of the slowpokes. Among the poor nations, we are notably the headquarters of poverty in the world; on the unemployment index, we are running robust. On the security and welfare of the people of Nigeria, we are abysmally permeable and infirm.Just raise any social or economic index and Nigeria under the All Progressive Congress leadership; fostered on us by the likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria is preeminent on the negative end of it. It is a fact that under this present All Progressives Congress; Nigeria has been plagued with poor leadership.And the preoccupation of an average Yoruba people; is not just to have their kinsman in the saddle of the country’s leadership, but to have someone with answerable solutions to the problems bedevilling the country. The country is a nation of unfulfilled prospects.

The chances of the country playing a formidable leadership role, not only in Africa but in the world with her vast human and natural resources that are capable to build a modern prosperous economy if properly harnessed are terribly getting diminished under the All Progressive Congress and Nigeria’s horrendously blundered by dereliction and ineptitude.

Atiku has a plan to harness the prospects of Nigeria’s economy. Indisputably this is a man who knows the economy more than other candidates.

We may then ask, will Atiku be written off in the South West, just because we are sucked in the intricate web of ethnic considerations, internalised and yet pretentious collectivised perversion of the validity, that even in the South West, we do not belong to only one Party and every Party has her own candidate.

And every Party will do well to achieve winning votes for his or her candidate in the region. It is a fact that can not be attenuated, South West will give their votes to Atiku based on their convictions that he possessed the prerequisites to make life better for the common people.The former Vice President only need to undertake a massive mobilisation and adequate reaching out to the Yoruba people: Youths that have been badly hit and marooned by the inefficiency of the All Progressive Congress and Students that have remained anguishing at home with the inability of the All Progressive Congress-led government to resolve the ASUU strike, Artisans, Market Men and Women, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and women who have been at the receiving end of the failures of the government to fix Nigeria economy, traditional and religious institutions that have been neutered by the current government of the All Progressive Congress, public and civil servants that are facing excruciating hard times, ministering to their impulses on the need to give him their support.

Yoruba is not rhapsodised by the ethos of a sense of entitlements. Ethnic defenders may want to vilify this fact, they are free to express their views. But I guess they know the fact, that, the cult of sophistry they project will never succeed in dethroning the truth.

This sacred truth being put in a proper perspective; Awo himself wrote that ” Yoruba are a fastidious, critical and discerning people. They will oblige a fellow Yoruba, if the Yoruba man is satisfied that your policy is good and will serve his self-interest, he will support you; no matter from which ethnic group you hail”.

Pondering exhaustively on the comment Awolowo made so many years ago and reflecting upon it, one will conclude that what an average Yoruba people need in a presidential candidate; that will earn him their support; are merit, logic, hard work, adequate planning, vision and capacity, not the mere sense of self-entitlement that is cloying or the myth that the star will fling in our endorsement. Needless to attempt a historical analysis on this.

As you may know, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is a man prepared to chart the desired course for the people of Nigeria. He is a man who will give all of his passion, experience and energy to deal with the problems Nigeria is battling with. He is a forethinker. He thinks so well ahead.This, he has demonstrated in his well-thought-out manifestoes, proffering solutions to Nigeria’s problems. And He is a man who has the tag of enforcer of good policies for the betterment of the Nigerian people, such that the developmental standards of the country will be lifted.

Atiku is a man who will bring his proven entrepreneurial, business skills and international networks to bear in giving Nigeria desirous good governance, focusing on projects and causes that will boost the economic viability of Nigeria. Right under a space of seven years, the experience under the government of the All Progressive Congress has been so daunting with ballooning insecurity, unemployment, youth restiveness, hunger, poverty, economic downturn, inflation and much more terrible experience.Only Atiku and the Peoples Democratic Party can salvage the country from further breakdown and doom.

Reckon of all that was evil in the PDP administrations and see which of them has not gone from bad to worse under the All Progressives Congress Buhari-led administration.

The proof is that the past; which infers the Peoples Democratic Party administrations in Nigeria is bliss, the present; Nigeria under the ruling of the All Progressive Congress, is nightmarish and the future, if Nigerians failed to send away the All Progressive Congress, from the government is dreadful. This is the fact that the Yoruba people are conversant with.

At this juncture, what Yoruba people want is a demonstration of capacity and ability to rejuvenate the country ravaged economy, and their support for any presidential candidate can only be ascertained on this premise. Of course, there is no doubt that Atiku embodies the new hope for the hard-pressed Nigerian masses.

Even as so many of us in Yoruba land recant spirited avowals we make daily in our search for the proverbial epoch of pleasurable realities and indulge in the propagation of political claptrap in the interest of the candidate of our Party, the South West will weigh their options, not in the prism of ethnic conception. Yoruba people will certainly identify with the candidate capable of unravelling the conflicting trait of our tribal mentality.

Yoruba people want a president who can strengthen and accomplish a worthy equilibrium between the practicality of wiping off our slums vis-a-vis the desirability and affordability of beautifully planned municipalities and suburbs.

I guess we recognise, who can examine and bulge our given adhesives by an ideational principle while setting the most apparent, if not feasible outcomes in the throes of ruthless objectives and logical process of thoughts. I guess we know the candidate capable of originating such a blueprint that nourishes good governance, creates good roads and electricity, standard and affordable health care and security, a stable economy and quality education among others and not on a sentiment of any sense of entitlement.

Atiku is the person and in the extensive communication of these and robust reaching out; Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will have an impressive outing in the South West.

The writer, Aare Amerijoye DOT.B. is a Social and Political Analyst, He is a PDP Youth Leader, Ekiti State.

Ekiti State

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