AAUA Alumni Ekiti Branch Get-Together: President Olugbemi Commends Unity, Urges Members on Economic Resilience

In a gathering marked by camaraderie and purpose, the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko (AAUA) Alumni, Ekiti State Branch, held their 2024 new year get-together at Maxshif Place in Igede Ekiti on Sunday where members collectively advocated for comprehensive government intervention in addressing the economic and security challenges facing the nation.

The National President of the Association, Dr Olumide Olugbemi-Gabriel, who joined the State Branch of the Association, applauded the unity among members and the initiative behind the program.
He emphasized the significance of such gatherings, which he said provides members with opportunities to interconnect and forge positive encounters. Olugbemi stressed the importance of active participation in alumni association activities, highlighting the various benefits associated with joining such a community.

Olugbemi who acknowledged the unwavering support from all branches and members of AAUA, specifically highlighted their contributions, both moral and financial, towards securing the release of the abducted family of Barrister Ariyo reassured members that the leadership would continue to prioritize their welfare.

During his address, Olugbemi disclosed that work had resumed on the Alumni hostel on campus, which had been previously suspended due to shoddy workmanship under the supervision of the immediate administration, saying that necessary measures are currently been undertaken to rectify the issues and prevent future challenges.

Focusing on the value of networking and lasting connections, Olugbemi highlighted the interconnected nature of the contemporary world, noting that joining an alumni association is a powerful avenue for graduates to stay connected with their alma mater and fellows.
Beyond nostalgia, he hammered on the plethora of benefits that extend into both personal and professional life.

The Ekiti State Chairman of the Association Mr. Segun Adebayo, expressed gratitude to the host, Comrd Akeem Ademojo for generously hosting the event. He lauded the various initiatives and developments witnessed by the National Body of the Association under the leadership of Dr. Olugbemi, particularly the review of the association’s construction which corrected some noticeable flaws. Equally he commended Planing commitee members for putting up a benefiting event.

Adebayo shared plans for professional and business development, announcing a lecture by an economist member of the association working with the Taxation office for the next business meeting.
He highlighted the association’s commitment to featuring industry leaders and experts during gatherings, which he said will provide valuable insights as well as enhance skills to give members a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Adebayo also announced collaboration with career services to offer job placement assistance, share job opportunities, and provide career counseling services to guide members through transitions.
He emphasized that the program not only boosts the association’s reputation but also fosters pride among members, contributing to the overall prestige of the university.

The host, Comrd Adebomojo Akeem, shared his business adventures and advised members to diversify their income streams for economic sustenance. Attendees took advantage of the platform to reminisce, advertise their businesses, share industry experiences, and seek advice from peers who have navigated similar paths.

HRM, Oba Leo of Enrinmope Ekiti, Dr Aniyi Aikuirawo, an alumnus of AAUA, in his goodwill message described the Association as a permenent work in progress, he expressed his gladness at the positive enthusiasm and large turn out of members at the event

The event concluded on a delightful note, with attendees treated to delicacies from Maxshif Restaurant and Confectionaries in Igede Ekiti, owned and managed by Comrd Adebomojo, the gracious host of the 2024 program.

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