An Open Letter to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on His Purportedly proposed Visit to Ekiti to Campaign For APC. BY Sesan Temitope Olawande Esq

Dear Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in  the last publication of my article entitled, “Odó Ide (Golden Mortar, APC Presidential Primaries, Ekiti Guber Poll: No ease for him who swallows Pestle” I x-rayed how those who got themselves obsessed with the euphoria of the  power of the moment almost killed the goose that laid the golden eggs: the very source of their royalty and wealth.

I illustrated how some greedy sons, conspired to open their fathers anus to strangers in exchange for kite as well as the trajectory of political schemers whose selfish interests and overambition almost truncated the collective interest of our race.

I need not say much this time around  because we fully understand that, the title “Asiwaju” is not just honorary but by the very acts, arts and responsibility as well as deserving and meritorious of Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Asiwaju means a leader, a front runner and a Pathfinder. One of the characteristics of a leader is the ability to examine and reexamine the way forward and paths looking back.

We thank God that the effort of SWAGA (South West Agenda For Asiwaju) was fruitful and now you are victorious against all odds.

My leader! Our leader! Asiwaju Tinubu, We need not remind you how Dr Kayode Fayemi and his cohorts victimize SWAGA members; Not for anything but because of the strong belief and teeming support  SWAGA gave you which he considered threatening to his presidential ambition and scheming for Vice President’s slot.

This, till date remains the offence that led to the removal of Prince Dayo Adeyeye, the SWAGA Cordinator from the House of Senate.

That is though not enough for serious  grievances. SWAGA was frustrated to no relevance in the APC in Ekiti State. Your supporters were attacked, humiliated mocked, punished and sacked from every key position.

Henceforward, they could not afford to go into political oblivion, the reason they pitched their tent and made a new alignment with SDP. A Party that had accommodated their belief and strengthened their efforts towards actualizing their dreams of seeing Asiwaju Tinubu clinching the presidential ticket and winning the general election. We wish to Let you know that SWAGA produced the Deputy Governorship Candidate of SDP and many of its members have already won the primaries for National and State Assembly seats under the Social Democratic party.

These are the ardent supporters of Tinubu’s Presidency ambition.

In the real sense, they have no problem with the APC under your watch, but they are vexed with the operation system of the party under the bad and selfish leadership of Gov Kayode Fayemi.

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. No can can fool all the people at all the times” The Ekiti APC and Dr Kayode Fayemi had thought they could fool you again by bringing you to campaign for Biodun Oyebanji, a Candidate elected in a primaries full of rigging and malpractices.They forget easily how you worked hard to install Kayode Fayemi himself in his various contests which he later betrayed you by conspiring with different cohorts to collapse your structures.

Here we are today, we know how he tried hard and victimized, witch Hunt, intimidated your supporters within the APC.

He collaborated with some others and embarked on anti-party in Edo, How he removed Oshiomole as APC National Chairman all because the interest of Asiwaju was dominating.

They thought they could cut your wings, but he who God has destined, no man can conquer. At the bank of their waterloo they surrendered and presented a candidate again for your endorsement. Fayemi stepping down is an afterthought and a move to cover an impending shame.

A good conscience is a soft pillow. Now, they are running helter and skelter to see you after they ignored showing up at your visitation to the state during your tour.

They projected your image as bad.
Now, the despised Asiwaju, whom they called different names has become a beautiful bride.

Their intentions was that if a camel is able to get its nose into a tent, the whole body will follow. They are relying on the fact that Asiwaju is a party man, forgiving, and with large heart. They have taken you for granted and taken your generosity for stupidity.

Little did they know that your tent is full and only for the good eggs. Even while one forgives his enemies, how can one forgets their names?

Asiwaju Sir, your love for your party had earned you great respects. Party is just a name, the category of people that makes the party is the picture and image of such party.

APC under Dr Kayode Fayemi does not represent your interest in Ekiti state. Why would they want to reap where they did not sow? Fayemi had been claiming that he sacrificed his ambition for your emergence and that if not for him, the South West could have lost the ticket to the North. What a blatant lie from the pit of hell?

He came to Ekiti for an heroic welcome and continued with his bragging and deceptive style again just like he projected himself and Obama’s right hand man not knowing that he had never in his life seen Obama face to face.

The Social Democratic Party through its Machineries and personnel had worked vigorously to ensure your victory at the Primaries and we are happy.As you come to Ekiti to lean voice to the conduct of the election, we wish to remind you sir, that a false friend is worse than an open enemy

APC in Ekiti under Kayode Fayemi is a staunch enemy of Asiwaju Tinubu. They hate you and only need your endorsement for this time, proposing to jettison you afterwards.

But how can that be possible again when you become the president by God’s grace?

No wonder only 5 delegates voted for you in the state despite the purported stepping down of Kayode Fayemi.

Sir The truth has no answer, We are sure even though you come for their campaign you will not discredit the efforts of SWAGA and their position to support SDP.

Segun Oni represents your interest in Ekiti and we assure you that we will work for your victory come 2023 general election.

The writer, Sesan Temitope Olawande Esq is an Ekiti based legal practitioner. He is a social and political analyst as well as an advocate of Peace. (0803 510 1586)

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