Barr.Victor Olumuiwa Kolade (VOK) Echoing, Re-echoing  Omoluwabi, By Adewumi Sikiru Adekunle ( Omo Imam

 By Adewumi Sikiru Adekunle(Omo Imam)

Ado Ekiti

What has always driven me as to proclaiming leadership on few certain individuals worth following is not the Usual Notice- Me obviously obtainable in the Contemporary Nigerian politics where Followers are nothing but “Hallelujah chorus bandwagons”.

I do not just make stands nor vouch for closers of or strangers whichever the case, unless I make a practical litmus and actual tests as experimental evidence, because observation may be alittle far from reality

From my bird eye view in my innermost critical mind, my conviction to associating with people are extra- selective and discriminatory.

Permit me please. This is my personal opinion and the truth must be told. Just like Martin Luther’s quote, “Peace if Possible, Truth at all cost” I do not care about your friendship or fellowship, truth is sacred and unnegotiable.

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The Yorubas will say, “Bomo Eni ba Dara kawi” meaning that if your child is good, there is no pretentions.

My disposition to leadership is PPR, Personality, Performance and Responsibility even when I suffer hatred on the Golgotha of post Materialism advocates and beneficiaries.

But, can’t we all see today, the Gap and the lacity in individual peace and collective development in our society orchestrated the ceremonious burial of the concept of Omoluwabi? Even while many are wining and dining, celebrating the demise of virtues and values, many have shown a temporary mourning and returned to party, but sincerely, it is an everlasting sorrow for our society if the darkness continue in perpetuality.

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In the Part A of X-raying the Concept of Omoluabi, I gave a neat picture of the deceased concept, of only in few individuals of impeccable character, good name, free from frivolities, keeps good company and committed to the welfares of others are found in the leadership of nowadays.

An Omoluwabi is an asset to his community and the quality of leadership and development in any society is determined by the rate at which the concept is embraced as the building principle.


That is why Yorubas will say “Kekere Lati n peka iroko, and that Ile Lati n kesho rode” Simply means that you train and inject a child with good character from childhood more so that charity begins at home.

The more the numbers of Omoluwabi in a society, the better for the immediate and the larger world. We must encourage the few remnants and pictures of Omoluwabi reproduced by quality education, deep understanding, global exposure and experience, Godliness, love and affection in our society to halt perpetuating the ravaging darkness been celebrated in our political, social, economic and religious spheres.


The best and the cleanest picture of whom the people of Efon, Ekiti West and Ijero Local government are sure of no compromise is Barrister Victor Olumuyiwa Kolade (VOK)

Who is he? A change agent?

I leave you to answer the question by researching more about a man who would not defraud, a man who is accessible, a man who is good listener, proactive and genuine in concerns.

From whichever lens of Microscope or stereoscope you view Barrister Victor Olumuyiwa (VOK) He is an Omoluwabi per excellence. A man whose mind’s mansion has accommodated varieties of individuals and able to manage them. Even though I have been a fanatic of separating the wheat from the shafts, I have gradually learnt from VOK that shafts can also be made useful, serving as raw materials for shelters and decors and beautification but depending on the harvester.

Barrister Victor Olumuyiwa Kolade has through his private intervention redefine what leadership is.
He has strategically and responsibly positioned himself as a well learned political guru in touch with the _creme de la creme_ but also humbled to the poorest of the poor.

The term he abhor so greatly to call a person poor, and the driving motivation to lift every contituents in the 3 local government areas and beyond above saving only for three square meal.

As we embrace this light, coming to represent us, Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2; Efon, IJERO and EKITI WEST at the Lower chamber of the National Assembly, Let’s pray and tell the few doubting Thomas that VOK has never compromised and will never do. He is a core Omoluabi.

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