Christ School 1994/2000 Alumni go back to Class as Renowned Pharmacist Adewale Calls for Economic Shift in Ekiti State


Pharmacist Akin Adewale, a prominent figure in both pharmacy and business circles in Ekiti State, has advocated for a transformation in the economic landscape of the state. As the owner of Tolu Pakad Pharmacy, Adewale emphasized the urgency to move away from a predominant reliance on salary-based incomes towards fostering robust business ventures and enterprises.

Addressing the 2023 annual gathering of the 1994/2000 Alumni set of Christ School Ado Ekiti as a guest lecturer, during the 2023 annual get together of the set held within the school ol premises, Adewale highlighted the limitations of relying solely on salaried jobs for individual and collective economic growth.

Despite acknowledging the government’s efforts to enhance living standards, he stressed that sustained progress might be hindered as long as the populace heavily leans on salary-based employment.

In his lecture titled “Entrepreneurship Development: A Panacea for Nigerian Economic Growth,” Adewale traced the historical shift within the Yoruba Nation and Ekiti society, noting the transition from traditional vocations like agriculture and skilled trades to a focus on certificate-based education.

He cautioned that while formal education is valuable, true economic empowerment lies in skill acquisition, apprenticeships, and fostering entrepreneurial initiatives.

The seasoned businessman emphasized the significance of in-depth knowledge about chosen business ventures, pricing strategies, networking, and the cultivation of goodwill. He underlined the spiritual aspect of money and entrepreneurship, emphasizing the need for persistent study and diversification of learning beyond geographical boundaries.

Adewale delineated the crucial hard and soft skills integral to succeeding in any business endeavor. Soft skills such as resilience, delayed gratification, learning from experienced mentors, integrity, and perceiving needs were underscored as essential attributes for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Following the impactful lecture, the President of the alumni set, Mr. ONN, expressed gratitude for the enlightening session, acknowledging the urgent need for economic reorientation in the state.

The Principal of Christ School, Ven Emmanuel Osho, commended  the initiative and honored the ToluPakad proprietor as an associate member of the school for his embodiment of the institution’s values through his impactful businesses and personal virtues.


The event concluded with the alumni members gathering for moments of camaraderie, reminiscing about old times and reviving cherished memories.

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