Ekiti APC Rep Candidate Akinlayo Warns Online Charlatan Writers, Political Dogs, Denies Shady Deals with Anyone


The APC House of Representative Candidate for Ekiti North Federal Constituency 11, Mr David Akinlayo has explained that he has never had any shady deals with anyone, group or corporate organization.

In a statement made available to the press by Akinlayo Media Team, to clarify a media allegation posted by an online media, Akinlayo said he was not worried about the false and unsubstantiated allegations made by the medium being that he had never involved in any shady deals that could tarnish his image built over the years.

According to the Statement,

 “As 2023 elections gathers momentum, many masquerades will come into town to display. Some for cash, some for the essence, and many for the games.

Libelous article writers and propagandists are now in town looking for the nearest rodents to leech on. The season is here to feed their dark bellies that is full of evil.

One of them, a coward – who hid behind Daily Metro News Blog, out of his irrational mind sat in the comfort of his room to concort, a disjointed news against Ekiti North Constituency (II) APC Representative Candidate – Mr Akinlayo Davidson Kolawole. The writer atrociously claimed he was involved in a N3bn fraud and that he’s been evading arrest by EFCC, FCID Alagbon and some other security agencies. These hackwriters haven’t changed their line of thought, when you read them, their handwritings are known to any discerning mind. Same old stories, that have been used against many contesting candidates, they only got figures changed and the narratives tweaked.

For the unsuspecting public, they have come up yet again with white lies, sewn together to distract Mr Akinlayo’s attention from the forthcoming election. Before, now, they have thrown various poisonous darts at his board, to impugn, denigrate and malign his good personality.

We make bold to say, Akinlayo has no fictitious deal with anyone, corporate organisation or group of people. He is into fabrics Retail business, Real Estate, Oil and gas, and logistics. His businesses are dotted all over the country with adequate patronage.

The wheelers of rumour can continue all they can, on his House of Rep. candidacy, the will of God will manifest come what may.

We may have waived others in the past, we won’t let this slide. We will fish out the perpetrators and those bank rolling them. We will also look into the books for the irresponsible bloggers behind Daily News Metro and have them face the music. Though we have been told that they have hastily removed it from their page but justice must take its stand against their nefarious activities. We will get to the root of this fake, pure blackmail and total defamatory news, with every sanctions and punishment under law.

The Nigeria Union of Journalists should as a matter of fact, put measures on ground to reduce the preponderance of yellow journalists who daily turn themselves to scavengers on every available politicians.

Contesting in an election shouldn’t warrant writing libelous articles to disrepute a candidate for any reason whatsoever. We shall seek justice and ensure we tame the cowards behind the evil keyboard'”


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