Muslims Communities take delivery of Akinlayo’s Largesse For El-del-Kabir

By Yemi Olajutemu

Ado Ekit

As a sign of what the people of EKiti North Federal Constituency 2 comprising of Ido/Osi, Ilejemeje and Moba are to expect in the next four years, the House of Rep Member Hon. Akinlayo Davidson Kolawole Says he would always see to the peculiar needs of each group and community.

Akinlayo who through his aides distributed gifts in cash and kinds to Muslims in the three local government saidnhe was known to be a masses lover, who feels the impulse of the Constituents, hence the need to support the faithfuls.

The legislator who explained that he observed that the effect of Subsidy removal debarred many  people from celebrating the usual way explained that he took the steps to cushion the effects of the economic hardship and the skyrocket price of goods.

A statement signed and made available to the press  thanked the muslims for their support assuring them that the next four years of Akinlayo’s representation will bring good tidings to the people.

“. 180 bags of Rice and 180 Rams have gone to our Muslims constituents in Moba, Ilejemeje and Ido/Osi local Governments.

We will continue to do as our people wish, we will continue to be proactive and visionary. We are seeing to the welfares of the people but beyond that we want to create a future and a legacy whereby peculiar needs of each people are carefully and purposefully met.”

The Chief Imams and the Muslim communities and leaders   thanked Akinlayo for the  philanthropy, as they s prayed for his successful tenure.


One thought on “Muslims Communities take delivery of Akinlayo’s Largesse For El-del-Kabir

  1. A great man among the equal, Infact he has done beyond our expectations, Ekiti Muslim will never forget this for life, big thanks we really appreciate him greatly

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